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Frequently Asked Questions
Tell us where you would like to be on the Internet.
We do the rest.

  • Does search marketing work?
  • Absolutely. It's a Multi-Billion dollar industry and the most effective way to get Internet users to view your website. It's what has spawned the giant search engine companies such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

  • How many clicks or visitors can I expect?
  • Since every category is different, and every website is different, there is no accurate way to make such predictions. Our goal is to expose your site to maximize traffic. After 4 weeks you will have an idea what to expect for your particular website and category.

  • My website is new. Do I need to submit it to the search engines before ordering your service?.
  • No. We work with newly launched websites all the time.

  • Do I pay click charges in addition to your fee?
  • No. Our fee is all-inclusive. The plans you see here are either a starting point or exactly what you need, depending on many different factors.

  • I've seen web sites offering 100's of keywords in top 10 rank for next to nothing, or 10,000 visitors for $25. What about those offers?
  • Since 2002 we've had competitors making wild claims, and we hear from clients all the time about things they've tried to achieve results. Some are in Hong Kong or somewhere outside the U.S., and while we never comment on the performance of competitors, clients have reported encountered companies that make you download a script to your own computer that manipulates the search results you're seeing on multiple search engines. You think your site in well-ranked on a bunch of keywords, meantime no one else knows it's there because you're the only one with the "special" software. With Hiposition.com, you can be sure you're getting actual results. Check us out from any computer. Bottom line; your success is our success.

  • Do I have to select the keywords, or can I make suggestions?
  • No, after providing service for literally 1,000's of websites, we've developed a successful method of reviewing websites and selecting the keywords. We also write the title and description that will appear in your search engine listing. When everything is set we email the keyword list & sample of what your listing will look like. If you need changes we can make them at that time.

  • What if I want specific keywords?
  • We can provide a quote on specific keywords if you have a monthly budget of at least $1,000. The reason for this is some keywords are priced outside the realm of our online plans. We recommend trying our online plans first if your budget is less than this amount. We can always add a search phase on your request but we can't make promises on how it will perform.
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How We Do It

It's not some sort of coding "trick"

  • Our business is positioning websites on the search engines in a competitive position, and monitoring to ensure that your site appears in First page on a daily basis.

  • When you click on the order page, we will ask a few questions such as your contact info, and will be in touch to take your order and card info over the phone. You can also order directly through PayPal.

  • We position your website in a competitive ranking and give your website the best and highest opportunity to be seen and get results from the Internet.
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