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Special Messages, Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions

The search engines DO NOT allow popups or exit page links. Disconnect any popups before placing your order for internet marketing. If you have disabled the browser "back" button, it must be functional. If you have a question regarding this send us an email and we'll advise you.

Your website must be authored in English. If you have a multi-language website please provide an address which opens the site by default in English

We offer a money-back guarantee if we cannot initially position your website for any reason other than those cited in our terms and conditions, and will refund the net proceeds received by us. This refund policy does not apply to intermittent service outages. We reserve the right to switch service to a different search engine group if your website is disallowed by the search engine for any reason after service has begun. Service is provided on the .com, not country code, versions of the search engines. Otherwise all orders are final.

The minimum term is one-month or 4 weeks, depending on the plan chosen. No cancellations for a lesser period will be accepted and no prorated refunds will be given.

If you want changes to your account after it is posted we charge a minimum $35 fee based on an hourly rate of $60. This applies to all title/description changes except at renewal time. Of course if we've made a mistake there is no charge. You agree to notify us in a timely manner of any structural changes you make to your website; otherwise we are not responsible for dead links

Unless it's an emergency all support is conducted via email and we will respond within 48 hours.

The services we provide are subject to the affiliation agreements of the individual search engines with the network syndicator and are subject to change without notice at any time. The participating search engines, terms and conditions are current as of this writing and are updated on a periodic basis. We reserve the right to terminate service without prior notice at any time for any reason providing a refund for the unused term of service, if any. The terms and conditions specified herein is the sum total of the entire agreement between the parties. No other representations oral or otherwise will apply. We do not warrant, promise or guarantee any specific result from the use of the services we provide.

In the event of any failure by you to make payment, whether by returned check, credit card chargeback, or otherwise, you will be held responsible for all reasonable expenses (including attorneys' fees, court costs, and travel expenses) incurred by us in collecting such amounts. A minimum bad check collection fee of the greater of $50 or our actual cost to collect the amount due applies to returned checks and the customer agrees to pay this fee. You represent that all information you provide at sign up will be accurate, complete and current at all times. It is your responsibility to maintain your web site and keep it online. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any lawsuit . liability, or any other legal issue related to any content of your web site, including validity of any claims, promises, or statements, or use of your product or service, and certify that you have permission to use all trademarks, servicemarks, logos, domain names or any other proprietary content on your web site.

All rankings promised are in the sponsored, not algorithmic, part of the .com version of the search engine's page and are calculated on a monthly average. Rankings and usage as reported by the search engines is the final measure of our service.

Clicking through to your site on the keywords we provide is an unacceptable use, as is encouraging others to do so. We reserve the right to suspend service if we find this is occurring, without refund.

Adult sites on the Yahoo group appear on a somewhat different network of search engines than general sites. We do not provide service for adult sites on the MSN network. Since this market is highly dynamic and is constantly changing, we cannot predict which search engines adult sites will appear on. We do not provide service on sites with hard-core or illegal content. All adult sites must display a disclaimer on the home page certifying that all models depicted are of legal age.

To our knowledge, no search engine is accepting listings for internet marketing in these two categories.

All plans are subject to restrictions and limitations dependent upon the plan purchased and search engine terms and conditions.

Credit card Charge Backs happen when a customer requests a Charge Reversal with their credit card company. Most Charge Backs are due to unrecognizable transactions on the customer billing statement. Most credit card companies list the sellers phone number next to the charged amount on the customers statement. Please call the number posted if you do not recognize the charge and a customer service representative would be happy to clarify the item(s) purchased.

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