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The Facts on Search Engine Positioning

Have you been waiting for "submissions" or SEO to kick in?

  • Search engines are changing their algorithms all the time. Even if you've paid to optimize your site, and even if you attain some keyword rankings, it doesn't mean you'll stay there. And even after laying out a ton for SEO, the keywords or phrases your site may appear under may not generate the dollar volume you're looking for. Paid keyword positioning, is by far the key to Internet Marketing.

  • As a rule, the more competitive the business category, the harder it is to attain decent placement and Internet Marketing results. Conversely, the more competitive the business category, the more important placement is to success of the business. Just "submitting" your site to the search engines does nothing to increase your ranking in most cases. You need solid Internet Marketing.

  • In today's competitive environment, you need an ally who knows the market and how to best achieve results. Many of our clients have tried doing pay-per-click themselves and have discovered they need help. It gets more complex and expensive all the time. With the service HiPosition offers, you not only can budget an amount that remains set, but we do everything for you, then report what's happening with your campaign on a regular basis.

  • Cost-conscious clients (and who isn't these days) appreciate the low prices we offer, starting at just $39.95 a week with a 4 week minimum. There isn't much you can do with any media at such a low rate, but we deliver meaningful results. Of course the amount you spend should scale to your coverage and expectations. Call us to discuss how we can help your business grow 866-274-4065.

  • At least First page search engine placement is vital to be effective on the Internet. Your potential customer, client or user rarely clicks beyond the third page. If your site appears only in searches beyond the first page, or appears poorly on keywords people are using, then forget about being effective online.

  • First page placement on the Internet is becoming an absolute necessity, even for brick and mortar based retailers and non-internet related service providers. Consumers under 40 are much more likely to search the Internet first for almost anything (making the "Yellow Pages" and other directory advertising much less effective).

  • Companies that offer "voodoo" search engine optimization or "secret" methods will tell you not to expect results for several months. Meantime, they will keep asking you for money.

  • While you're waiting for results, potential customers are doing business with someone else WHO IS NOW being seen on 1st page of the search engines.

  • What can you do to move your website to the top? Click here!

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